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Re: Do you want more common pool or more empire specific stuff?

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
With weapon customization, I imagine a few of the common pool weaponry has been rendered rather obsolete. For instance, I don't doubt for a second in PS2 I can attach an underslung grenade launcher to my Cycler, or underslung shotgun, or bayonet... or even a darklight (that'd be cool.)
That just gave me a Flash of Inspiriation:

Empire Specific Customizations.

Not at all sure what those might be, but I do like the concept.

Ah. The brain cells are firing again:

Empire Specific Decimator customizations:
NC: bigger warhead, slower projectile
TR: Sub-munitions! Not quite "high rate of fire", but reasonably similar.
VS: (much?) faster projectile.

Empire specific grenade launcher customizations for standard rifle[s]:
NC: Rail accelerator gives the GL faster projectiles and longer range.
TR: Rate Of Fire. 3 grenades instead of 2 (fer instance), full auto option.
VS: Groovy Energy Grenades. Uses standard VS energy ammo instead of specific grenade ammo, but can still do some semblance of the usual grenade effects.
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