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Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
TR mossy thing looks incredible. Rockets though? Needs explaining.
I'm telling ya!

Higby said that the Mosquito has changed somewhat, however I believe that this is just a different variant.

The original Mosquito had thinner wings with a weird air-trap thingie that connects the wings to the fuselage. We can assume that it gives the AA mosquito superior speed and maneuverability. Also, there could be room for two weapon pods at the end of those fragile-looking wings.

Now, the new Mosquito could be an AV/AI "gunship" variant. Think about it - the game allows for a ton of customization. Why create a separate a "gunship" vehicle class and at the same time give another air vehicle the ability to attack ground targets? I'm positive that a "gunship" is just an AI/AV-customized fighter.

The engines look more bulky and the tail section is a bit different, but these can be customization elements, not a redesign of the vehicle itself.

If I'm correct, and the round shapes on the Mosquito can be considered proof enough that it is the TR fighter, then it would be logical for the Reaver to be the NC empire-specific fighter.
It's bulky, square-ish and looks "modern" in a XXI/late XX-century way. Just like the Vanguard, and the Gauss that looks like a buffed-up ACR/SCAR rifle.
It just adds up too nicely.

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