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You're kind of missing the point.

The point is, we're just plain . . . better.

You know those short little bald crackers that have a little pudge on them, and spend all their time learning "Constipated Swan Kung Fu" or something, and never get in a fight in their life, but have neatly trimmed little goatees and walk around looking super tough and always mention that they have a black belt or something, and they can break boards and stuff? And they drive a Lexus and have day jobs as programmers and they are sometimes vegetarians? -- ok, that's the NC.

The redneck analogy works fine for the TR, except that in real life rednecks are considerably more fun. The TR are like the anal, gun-nut empire -- they're dangerous, and heavily armed, and all they talk about are their guns and blah blah PSI blah blah foot per second blah blah hand-milled 20-grain powder, and they go to gun shows, and they're very serious about supporting their President, and going hunting, and polishing their guns in a homoerotic manner.


Now the Vanu.

The Vanu are Jimi Hendrix.

I think that wraps it up pretty fairly . . .
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