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Increase Ammo to Shotguns

Increase Ammo to Shotguns I think its awful that the pumps were pushed to 4 rounds, They should have 5 or 6 shots because you know some of us are advanced in age and miss once and awhile.

Also why is it fair that TR Maxes get 60+rds and NC Maxes get 6-8? (would have compared Vanu but not sure of there size though I'm sure its more then 8) NC maxes should have 15-25+ as I would like the ability to wipe a platoon out solo like the TR and VS once and awhile.

Auto shotguns should have 10 rounds upgradable to 20.

Semi autos should have 8 upgradable to 12.

Also why is it the Jakhammer has 9 rounds when the TR Mini gets 100 and the vanu lasher get 75 should the NC not have 25 rounds then to balance?

I feel these changes would make shotguns useful in more situations and get them played with more and would balance the NC specialties against their counter parts.

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