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What I find immensely funny is that a *MASAKARI* (haha cauldron) can be loaded with more missile systems than, say, a stripped-down Kodiak - which has an extra ten tons of weight allowance - and thus it can fire more rounds per salvo.

Getting on track, I hope that the TR variant isn't as gimped as our MAXes and tank. Meaning, pray to the gods that the Developers use a little common sense or cash in on their Clue-pon and make the TR Colossus not-sucky. So let's pray that the rockets are not like Reaver rockets (in other words, ironic that a Magscatter can kill with fewer rounds than a Reaver). Oh, and lock-on would be good, even if it's not fire-and-forget. Firing a barrage of cannons or microwaving the crunchies with a perma-beam laser is far above firing a salvo of dumbfire rockets.
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