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I have a friend, that is God at medal of honor. He creams me. I will have a BAR, he has a bazooka. He exhausts his bazooka ammo by killing me with 1-2 rounds for each kill. He then exhausts his grenades getting a kill for every 1-4 used. HE THEN HEADSHOTS ME WITH PISTOLS BY JUMPING ON MY HEAD WHILE I AM SHOOTING AT HIM WITH MY BAR. I am really not that bad at MoH, I was better than random people on Gamespy. Most of them were snipers that hid behind sandbags and fired, then ran into a corner and waited for someone to pop out again. The ones that used grenades, SMGs, and shotguns effectively did better. It's skill, not gun size. Browning Automatic Rifle vs Colt 22 Pistol? The pistol won 3/4 times. That's why I don't play with that friend much anymore. This is me: , this is what he does to me:
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