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That's interesting, I didn't know about that Kalbuth... Thanks for sharing... While I agree that piracy for the music/movie industries need something to help them, I don't think that the current SOPA bill is the answer.

I wouldn't be opposed to a filter on the Internet that uses an identification and tagging system. So before the content can be available to look at it must be scanned for piracy purposes and then tagged appropriately. If the specific content is deemed to have been pirated, then block just that content, not the whole site. Not certain if that's possible and how exactly they could force everyone to use these filters but it would be the step in the right direction with this I think.
OUCH! What??!!
That's just technically impossible, unless you put in the hand of your ISPs, and government, a tool to listen to everything you send and receive over the Internet. Absolutely everything you do will be scanned and available for these 3rd party, your ISP (a private company) and the government (based on the fact this would be based on ... laws , one can guess the government will require access to those data).
This is the equivalent to permanently put every phone calls under scrutiny and being recorded for potential future needs by your government. Do you imagine anyone asking for every phone call to be recorded "so that we can catch terrorist calls"? Would you really be OK with that?
What you propose is exactly that (and exactly why I'm fighting against these kind of measures)
But because it is technically rather hard to explain, IP holders and governments can push laws going toward this kind of solution absolutely unnoticed. I'd go as far as saying that their goal is to use Intellectual Property to push for Internet control so that they can have total control on it. IP holders are just tools.
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