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Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
I disagree, I don't believe there should be any type of governmental control over the internet in any way whatsoever. This paves the way for something simliar to the SOPA act to be passed without raising any alarms in the future, a type of gateway.

If they want to stop online piracy, there are several complex fixes that can be done. Stop selling CD's of your music, make everything digital, when is the last time one of you bought a CD?

Encrypt Itunes MP3 files so that the device it's playing on requires a token key to decrypt and play the music. (yes you can dub it over with in/out but it will only be at 96k bitrate.) This alone would drastically decrease the piracy of Mp3's.

Do the same exact thing for software, will take a lot of work and support staff for the people who constantly format their frackin machines... but it would be extremely difficult to crack a game's exe if it had it's own hardware encryption.....

OR............ since USB DRIVES are becoming a standard, have a 64mb dongle come with the software... and i know i'll get flamed out of the fucking barn for this one.... Having usb dongles REQUIRED to be plugged in for the software to run is very very cheap and ultra effective and to my knowledge, other than making a physical clone (with the encryption software) of said USB dongle, it can't be hacked. Ever... and it doesn't have to be per game, it could be an "EA" dongle, you open it up and add your key to your email address that stores that token key on the usb drive and yeah.........

It's work, a lot of work, but instead of blocking the entire fucking internet off, maybe the COMPANY that doesn't want THEIR shit stolen should intervene somehow and stop crying like fuck faced canadian babies to the government, and fix it.

There are ways to fix this without having the government involved.

Edit: No offense to canadians aye.
Can't copy the DRM USB whatever then someone will just find a way to by-pass it.

As the saying goes, "Locks only keep honest people honest." In this case meaning it is impossible to stop or even slow down a pirate that knows what he's doing and how to circumvent it.

The best solution to stopping or slowing down piracy is to outdo the pirates. Providing a better and safer service than any illegitimate provider is capable of will take away their users.

This in mind and it's an easy concept that has actually been in use for hundreds of years for merchants, "My competition is being successful, I want his customers so I'll do what he does only better than he does it." Whats the one thing that an illegal merchant can never guarantee beyond all doubts? Legitimacy. That in mind the proper holder of the copy righted material, all he needs to do it exactly the same as the pirate and he will already by default be better than the pirate.

No need to make up some new better marketing scheme. No need to secure all your products. No need to worry about stealing their ideas because they are pirates and they are already outside of the law.

Edited: Oh I should mention that I'm talking from the experience of Ubisoft's uPlay and other DRM shenanigans.

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