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Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
Not DRM's, Token key technology + conventional CD key technology + email address access. They would literally have to have someone's email address, a copy of THEIR dongle and a copy of the encrypted token key on their machine. I don't doubt there may be SOME way to defeat it, but I just can't possibly see how.
Technically wouldn't anything that is made to check a consumer's copy is legit could be considered Data Rights Management?

Anyway, if it's a multiplayer game that requires you to be online like an MMO then I doubt the development company would need to have customers use a dongle system like that since with all the information having to go through their servers they could do almost anything to check to make sure you have the correct copy and then change it at any time without any requirement to notify the user base. This by itself would greatly reduce the amount of pirates willing to take risks in stealing the game. (not so much hackers, but there are far less capable hackers in the world than pirates anyway.)

If it's anything that can be done via LAN or singleplayer there is literally NOTHING that could stop a unscrupulous and knowledgeable person from finding some way around the issue that wouldn't also at the same time completely screw their legitimate customers. Which is a core problem with Ubisoft's horse shit when uPlay forced people to be actively online to play From Dust and almost all of their other recent titles even when a company rep posted on their forums that it would be a 1 time only check. If you weren't online ALL THE TIME for this single player game that it would close the game down immediately losing all unsaved progress and it still did nothing to even slow down the pirate community. Probably only encouraged it, actually.

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