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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

It is completely related, for how can you handle the issue separately if they're in the same game, the same context, the same environment?

If you change something, you affect both balances at the same time. So you can't really handle them separately, but need an integral design vision.

Again, you're looking at the PER UNIT balance and under the consideration that nothing statwise changes between the two situations, you'd be right. Hence why this certification as proposed is sorry to say, ridiculous. It can't be balanced for both situations, your setup can't treat them separately! IF they were different units or IF you could control the statistics of the units under the various manpower circumstances, THEN you can balance for both situations.

Otherwise, you indeed can't. My point is it's not worth discussing or attempting a non-balanceable situation. The suggested certification is therefore worthless as it does not address the solo MBT issue. It doesn't provide a preference playstyle as it just introduces a broken, non-functional, underpowered and therefore non-viable playstyle "choice".

As long as you don't treat manpower seriously or provide serious, significant combat advantages, there's no point in adding it to the game.

To make an analogy, you need a new computer screen. What you need is a larger colour screen because you want to do graphics design.

What you get is a choice between one larger black and white screen or two smaller full colour screens. You want to use the bigger screen, but nobody gives you the option to get one you can actually use, since nobody provides you with a colour screen - even though you know those can exist.

A bigger screen would be excellent for graphic design and would definitely be a prefered size for any graphics artist, but it's absolutely pointless to get a bigger screen without the colour options.

You're giving us the option to get a bigger black and white screen with the "compromise". Your competitor, a guy who works with one smaller colour screen and isn't interested in finding a solution that works for you, then says "fine, just take the bigger, B/W screen, you'll be fine, it's after all bigger, isn't it?" (ie. Ratstomper). We're the ones saying "it's pointless for you to get a larger, B/W screen, because yes it's larger, but you won't be able to compete properly with the other guy until you get one that is both larger and full colour - till then you're better off getting two smaller colour screens, even if it's slightly more costly".

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