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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Its 3 am so I didnt read the full thread but did read several pages.

I feel the 3 seater should completely supplant the 2 seater, period. Didn't play PS1 here so this isn't vet bias.

Aside from the obvious improvement in accuracy of the main gun, it would punish seat switchers by forcing them to give up their movement to fire. Tanks are not one man machines. Tanks take whole crews to operate. A gunner, a commander, a driver, a secondary gunner, a loader. A 3 man tank is far from demandign too much. It is still a simplification.

I'm too tired to completely flesh out my arguement but I feel this way solely to punish zergers and to not allow them to be effective in a tank. Planetside is coop not lol720codwinbitchezzz!111!

Any and all solo capability should be disadvantaged. Period.
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