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Originally Posted by Whiteagle View Post
Well the shine has worn off, or at least it's taking me forever to get to the next Certification point...

Seriously, I repair things and try to feint enemy bases, but the only thing that seems to get me anywhere is ANT runs...
You can get a max of 2500 BEP for taking a base, all at once, when the hack goes through. The hack must be contested for the majority of the time to get that much though. You must be inside the base SOI and participate in the fighting before or during the hack for your BEP reward to accumulate. If you are leading a squad you get CEP instead of BEP. You must stay on the continent until a hack goes through in order to get the BEP for it!

XP gain gets slower and slower as you gain BR cause you need more per battle rank to get to the next rank. You get XP for getting kills, as well as kills from your squad/platoon... Getting more battle ranks gives you more versatility to have different load outs at your fingertips. You can always change your certs (once per day) to try new things. The first 10-15 battle ranks don't take that long. Then going up to around BR25 you will have what you really want by then. The rest of the BRs are just icing on the cake but they take a while to get.

If you haven't done so, go to VR training and equip every gun and vehicle. Get in every vehicle's gunner seats. Every time you use one of these for the first time you get BEP.

Oh also, once you get to a certain BR you stop getting a cert point at each rank. It becomes every other rank then. I can't remember when that starts to happen though.
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