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Re: New player? Share your experience.

Originally Posted by Crator View Post
If you haven't done so, go to VR training and equipt every gun and vehicle. Get in every vehicle's gunner seats. Every time you use one of these for the first time you get BEP.
Already done I think, and no more training missions...

Thing is, I wanted to go into Combat Engineering, so I have two Glue Gun's that aren't get me any Experience because I'm the only one trying to open up our home continents instead of playing Cyssorside...

It's god damn Crown Syndrome, the TR ignore everything BEHIND the lines and end up with one continent completely disconnected from our Sanctuary.

Originally Posted by Crator View Post
Oh also, once you get to a certain BR you stop getting a cert point at each rank. It becomes every other rank then. I can't remember when that starts to happen though.
Going to say BR 5 or 6, right where I'm at...

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