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Re: New player? Share your experience.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
A good way to earn experience with repairs and resupplies is the Lodestar, just park it in safety near a field battle and gun for someone. Same for an AMS: Every kill after someone rearms, resupplies or spawns within a certain time will earn you exp. The good thing about using the vehicles is that it is passive support.

For active support, repairing near repair silo's helps a lot.
When you say repair silo's, you mean the NTU Silo right?

As for support vehicles, I was already planning on certing into them on my main, but I want to get Combat Engineering first to make up for my lack of killing strength.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
It helps when people would care about their home continents again and I would guess a lot of new players don't know how to get where and why yet. So that is up to cr5s and resecure outfits (some still have to return to the game). Sometimes you have to kickstart fights by starting a ghost. That often also drains a populace of another continent to secure their other territory.

It also requires people to get back in the global base security checking. InterFarms don't help in that respect.
I personally blame the current Broadcast Warpgate set up; As long as you have one you can go anywhere you're empire has a link.
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