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Re: New player? Share your experience.

Oh btw zero, if you don't have the Sensor Shield implant or had it turned off: could be you had been on Interlink radar (any facility linked to an Interlink will have enhanced radar that puts any movement on radar). A lot of people deduce that if there's no target where the red dot was before, it must be an infil.

Another reason people may see you is because you lagged and you stopped after you think you stopped on their screen. I've noticed this happening from 140ms ping and up, which just means you'll have to be more careful in areas where players might come around a corner (particularly near spawns - lobby routes in enemy bases).

Here's some other tips:

Crouchwalk (crouch tap in third person if there's enemies near! It may take a minute or two to go down a staircase, but you will not be seen even if they are looking your way as long as they don't use Dark Light!) to prevent being spotted on radar, get the Sensor Shield implant at BR6 and by all means, once you reach br12, get Surge to get the hell out of there if something goes wrong! :P

Also, prevent being bumped into. People often walk right along walls, depending on empire this could be the inner walls (shotguns: close distance) or outer walls (MCG/Lasher: keep distance) of a staircase combat situation for instance, they tend to move through the inner or middle area (shortest route) if they do not expect enemies.

Try to avoid moving fast for long periods of time. People may see you from the other side of the base and once you sit still, they can just pretend they haven't seen you, then go all out on you. If you see anyone move in your direction, try to determine if they actually changed path to go for you (they have spotted you), or if it's a natural route to a target.

Before going around a corner, check third person if you can.

Some people sit still in the field in third person with their backs to you on purpose: always assume they know or might know you're there, always have an escape plan and try to confuse them in what direction you escaped to. Because once you get spotted without a plan, you will usualy die.

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