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Re: Star Citizen Space Sim!

Originally Posted by krnasaur View Post
So whats the difference between this and eve?

Or are they similar styled games?
eve is a menu point and click game i think.

but star citizen will be a simulator! ever played wing commander or privateer?

the new website will be up tomorrow, and with it the very last chance to pledge and get ships with lifetime insurance! next week you will still be able to pledge, but you will not get eraly pledger advantages any more.

in related news, star citizen is the most successful crowd funding project of all times! they broke the record last weekend and are now at about 11 million dollars.

can´t wait to fly through the galaxy again, wing commander style!
hope the full hd occulus rift will be available at launch! because the rift will be fully supported. if you want to see some news about the game, tune in tomorrow in their 24 hour livestream on the new homepage.

EDIT: if you want to play star citizen, now is the last chance to get veteran pledge bonus like lifetime insurance for your ship! this will only be available till this saturday, so decide now, or regret later
to pledge for the game and secure your boni, go to
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