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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by War Barney View Post
How do you even fight that expect by having a platoon or 2 ghost capping bases? you could use mines but that'll stop the first wave not the billions of others, you could camp the spawn but unless you already have the numbers to win they'll just swarm over you.

The only real solution I guess would be a swarm of libs to constantly bomb the hell out of the spawn so nothing can escape and just hope they aren't smart enough to get their own aircraft in. OR of course the original one.. ghost cap with 2 platoons...
DVS brings Gals. 1 per squad if possible that are as certed as it can be with never having less than 2 gunners. One stays on a bulldog and the other jumps around for AA, 2nd bulldog, or tailgun for peppering. A very underused vehicle and very powerful if the pilot is any good.

It is in no way an easy fight. But it can be done. Use the Gal to draw focus of the MAXes and heavies so you have mainly infantry to fight that tends to be support classes mostly. Still going to be outnumbered to all hell likely but we have a beefy air support for both damage and spawns with some damn good players that can fight outnumbered if in the right places. Still though, we have limits and 3v1 is one of them.

Can't bitch to much though. DVS has done the same and maybe would still be doing it if we still had the numbers. Dropping from 1.4k to under 400 members left us with a good core of strong players, but little real weight to shove around. We get about 2 squads for our OPs these days and that isn't enough anymore thanks to the merge. Time to recruit it seems.
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