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Re: The Hacker Wall-of-Shame. Something Mandatory for PS1's Survival

- Don't know why you don't have Zanduk as confirmed. I have multiple video clips of him. I am going to enjoy owning him during PS weekend when he can't turn his hacks on.

- I can't type his name, but here is a link to his YouTube:
We all know who he is. Add him to your list. He has many accounts, but always loves to boast about his hacks. I think he will hack during the event because he doesn't care and will register a new account.

- GhostyHunter, if he isn't an alt of one of the above, is another really annoying hacker. Every weekend logging in, teleporting to every base on the map, hacking everything. If you try to stop him he will crank up his ROF hacks and start pulling you if necessary. One example:

The days of PS without hackers is such a distant memory I don't remember how it feels to play without them. We have a few dozen players still trying to enjoy the game and 3-4 or however many people in this world feel like they need to continually ruin it for the rest of us. Baffling...

Would prefer my first post on this forum (how have I not already registered) to be something positive about the game, but at this point the cons outweigh the pros due to the nature of some of the players.
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