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I don't think the NC are overpowered. I think that things are very well balanced as things are now. Every group has its advantages.

You say the Magrider is slow as hell on water, and just begging for a reaver to come take it out, just like every Vanu likes to say. Problem is, that's retarded. Reavers can fly in, yes. Reavers are one of the great AV weapons, and are supposed to be, but when you're on water, the reaver gets no splash damage, so they need a direct hit, which is easier, but I don't think the damage does much more than even out to what it would be on land.

Also, yes, we all get run over all the freakin time. I play all three empires, and was in a VS Max when a TR AMS tried to run me over. I jumped about ten seconds before he hit, and was on my way back down when I died, from being run over!?!?!?!?! This happens to everyone, live with it.

I don't see the point nerfing the jackhammer jsut because it's better, or you think it's better. If you want to play a game with complete and absolute balance, go to one where every team has the same damn weapons, cause otherwise, it isn't going to happen.

Balance is something like this.

TR: Rule indoor short distances with pounders and chainguns. Good Anti-Inf in general. Awesome AV and AA(short range) with Striker.
VS: Great AA(with the max upgrade). Decent AV with Lancer and AV Max. Good anti-zerg indoors with lasher.
NC: Decent AV with max and phoenix(cause phoenix firerate is lame). Indoors aren't so good for NC(common pool weapons are better than our specialty ones). AA rocks with Max, but not so good with Phoenix.

TR Vehicles: Marauder is awesome anti-inf and good AA. Prowler is good all round, probably needs a buff. Vehicles require 3 people, but Marauder is the best buggy there is IMHO.
VS Vehicles: Ability to avoid choke points like bridges. Mag is a great tank, especially since the gunner has no firing arc, easier to aim, especially at range. Thresher is good as well, nice and quiet for running people over.
NCVehicles: Enforcer is good all around, probably better AV than the others. Vanguard is a great tank, but gunner needs some skill to fire. Also, doesn't handle as well as the Mag...obviously.

All in all, it's pretty balanced, except I think the Prowler needs an upgrade. The main thing that ticks me off though, is trying to stop the damn VS zerg at a bridge. There are no choke points, so the CEs aren't nearly as effective.
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