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First Lieutenant

I have seen so many vanguards around latly. I one day killed at least 5 with mines but more kept on coming.
NC does seem to have a population advantage on most servers, but on Emerald when the VS and NC are fighting on Hossin, and both sides have a pop lock, the NC have been pushed back to Mulac before. Largely, this most often happens when there are 12 Magriders circling a base, looking for something to kill.

So, any empire which has more tanks than another has a good chance to win.

I can't even fly in a reaver for fear of the sparrow max locking on to me.
The Starfire(is that the right one?) is just as lethal as the sparrow now. As for reaver flying, there are only a few times you can fly over bases to engage in battle safely. The reaver is largely a support/strike craft; you go out AMS hunting, pick off snipers on a hill, or rocket-snipe the enemy vehicle terminal from far off. In a medium-large scale battle, very few pilots have the skill to fly near a base with a AA Maxes around, kill their intended target, and make it out alive. Of course I suck at flying, so my opinion is flawed.

ALso funny how it seems some nc still want to nerf both the tr and vs down more.
Well I'm not speaking for those NC. Apparently now that we've been freed from the chokehold of the Terran Republic, those NC think they're free to do stuff, like SMOKE CRACK. So ignore them

P.S. Do me a favor tonight. Take AV cert with your friend. With a lancer, stand up on a wall or a steep hill where a vanguard/enforcer can't run you over(which also gives little profile for them to hit anywhere that would cause you splash damage), and start shooting them.

Between the 2 of you, you'll probably rip up a lot. AV sucks alone with one person, but its benefits are exponential the more people you have.
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