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A)Prowler does need a buff, it cannont stand up to a vangaurd in a 1vs1 fight, head-on or otherwise. However, It can engage multiple target, and the .50 cal machine guns are effective against infantry and aircraft.

B)If you want people to use the 20mms on something other than aircraft(and I prefer the 150 at range for that) buff the vehicle machine guns against infantry so they realy tear through them.

C) Yes, the Vangaurd and Enforcer are 1shots of infantry, that is , it they can hit them. I think that you have failed to realize how slow these things actualy fire. They also have severe lead time and the Vangaurd has an arc(which a good gunner will use to thier advantage. Also, the Van and Enforcer cannot engage multipule targets efficently, and the enforcer lacks an anti-infantry weapon, which the marauder has.
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