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Re: Cont Lock finally?

I think it has every change of being a fail.

There are plenty people who hate Indar with a passion and that's because that where the fight always is (over exposure if you like).

Plus there are plenty people who will only fight there and will go into a strop if they can't.

There have been suggestions that the first crowd are organising themselves so that Indar gets locked - this will cause the the second lot to be mightily pi**ed off. Remember people think that you're supposed to go fight where you want, they've been schooled in it by this half-built game.

If the above does happen I think it will cause drama, otherwise it will be a damp squib.

If I was Higby I'd get a better set of 'cut and paste' tools added into the dev toolset because they're simply not producing new continents quickly enough.
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