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FoolHouse Gaming - Spec Ops [Tactics, Teamwork, Organization]

Foolhouse gaming was founded in 2010, origionally as a minecraft community comprising of 200+ members, we have branched out into other games, one of them being Planetside 2. We are looking to come into Planetside 2, and becoming one of the big outfits you can expect when looking at a game of this magnitude. But we have to start somewhere, we have a dedicated team of members who are dying to make the Planetside 2 outfit as best as it can possibly be. With their experience in leading clans, and being part of sucsessful units in other games, from Call of Duty, to ArmA II, we have the knowledge needed to take this outfit from the ashes, to greatness.

What can we offer you?
We as a gaming community have been around since 2010, so the worry of new communitys appearing and falling by the wayside, are not needed here. We have a stable communities who grows daily. On top of that we have an organized command system in place for Planetside 2 that you can get the experience of the big outfits, with tactics and teamwork, in a small team environment from the start. We also have oppertunities for promotion within the ranks from fireteam leader, to platoon commander.

What direction are you going with your outfit?
We are looking to have a big enough outfit do everything needed to help the battle, but first we have to start off small, we are focusing on becoming a spec ops outfit from the get go, this will involve stealth movement, quick in and out hits, and strategical planning with precision execution. We will aid other outfits on the battlefield by capturing strategic positions on the map to aid in a push for teritorial control for the Terran Republic*.

*Faction is 90% decided. But can change due to server population statistics.

How do I join?
All you need to do to join, is go to our website at and register, then go to the Planetside 2 section, and go to the recruitment thread and fill out a recruitment form, (read the topic entitled "Recruitment Process" first) this is to ensure that you fit our needs as a community and we fit yours. Please fill out the form as detailed as possible. Once you have made an application, you will be contacted by one of our recruitment team who will advise you on what you need to do next. Once you have been accepted you are welcome to take part in any of the communitys events.
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