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Gaining access to certain bonus as soon as you activate them provides very little bonus to having them activated upon completion.

For example:
Skill 1 - 1 hour to learn
Skill 2 - 2 hours
Skill 3 - 4 hours
Skill 4 - 8 hours
Skill 5 - 16 hours

Under your system you would gain access skill 1 after 0 hours, skill 2 after 1 hour, skill 3 after 3 hours, skill 4 after 7 hours and skill 5 after 15 hours.
So you are basically cutting back the learning time of all Certs by only 1 hour.

I understand what you are saying about 'try before you buy' but there would be too many people chopping and changing to suit the current situation, which is why in PS1 there was a limit to how often you could change Certs.
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