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Originally Posted by Sifer2 View Post

SOE's station website is horribly designed. But I have found that from your account management if you hit "Games" then click "SOE All Access". Then from this page hit "Shop" then magically the "Game Pass Plans" option is now available. Even though its not from your account management. And there at long last you will find the subscribe to Planetside option.

However trying it on a fresh account I noticed attempting to subscribe takes you to page where you can buy the Planetside All in One bundle. I'm guessing it may still be necessary to buy the game not just subscribe like some are saying. I'm wondering if it comes with a free month or if anyone has tried it to make sure it works.
That way works perfectly fine too. I was under the impression that it was common knowledge managing your subs from account management. And no, you don't have to buy the game. If hitting the subscribe button doesn't work for whatever reason, follow the above steps if you don't know how to open your account info and do it there.
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