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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Comparing this video to your previous one, what I find most interesting is the difference in WDS perception.

In your Oct 5th video you said WDS is "unhealthy for the game...bad in the long-run"
In this video you said "things have changed dramatically, VS seem invigorated by the changes, scoring is a lot tighter...WDS is having a positive effect."

A few questions for you related to this:
1) Would you say that the WDS has potential for more positive effect if taken in the right direction?
2) If so, what do you think are the most important steps to getting there?

Other folks who aren't Snoop are welcome to answer these questions of course, but I'm most interested in those who may have had a perception change from the beginning to now.
1) It just seemed to me that on Ceres the battles and the general vibe in the empire seemed more positive because of the ability to be able to compete via the new scoring system. This also may have something to do with the VS having the northern warpgate position, that maybe makes me think the new scoring system is working as intended. So yes definitely the WDS could have a positive effect if it was taken in the right direction. Maybe some unique rewards that are worth fighting for would inspire some great fighting like an exclusive camo etc.

2)It just needs to be fair is the only one really.(account for pop imbalance etc which the new scoring system does) I love PS2 and I make my videos because a. I enjoy it & b. I want to give back to the game/community in someway by promoting it. The WDS is a great opportunity to positively influence the playerbase. The worst thing that could come out of it is the Players thinking it is just SOE giving the TR a free XP Boost.

Thanks for the question man <3
Much Love,

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