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Re: [Video]State of the Game - Optimisation, WDS and New Depot Items + PS2 with Newbs

So (some of) you guys really want a disconnected scoreboard and a flashing "team blue wins" screen? Really?? What??

For me, the fascination with planetside from day one was that it didn't have a scoreboard or artifical winning condition. No numbers and scores that determined a winner like in every other (lobby) shooter, but an ongoing struggle where real actions and events in the game were the victory. When you participated in events that lead to such a (temporary) victory, be it a continent lock or on a smaller scale holding/capturing a hard defended facility it simply felt awesome. If you missed it, tough luck, but the next one will happen soon.

But nothing was translated into numbers that determined an artifical "winner" and showed you a winning screen with scores. If there was an actual scoreboard on the site i never looked at it. And untill now i was under the impression this outstanding feature was what everyone else loved too and drew people into the game in the first place.

And we actually allready had that in PS2. Before capturing continents worked with "thresholds" capping a continent or trying to hold that cap was the victory. The easter weekend on miller with tr desperately trying to hold the lock, last stands at scarred mesa, black ops training camp and the crown (regardless of lag).
Those were the "wins". That was the winning condition i was looking for when i came to planetside. Held indar for today -> Win.
Not a goddamn "VS has 28929 points and wins" screen.

In that regard even alerts are more up my alley since they actually happen on the battlefield and are not being calculated to give you your gratification cookie.
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