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Re: [Video]State of the Game - Optimisation, WDS and New Depot Items + PS2 with Newbs

Originally Posted by basti View Post
Way to completly miss the intent of the WDS.

Cont locking was boring. Yes, it was a victory, and yes, we should get it back into PS2, but it was still boring.

People were asking for a proper winning condition since the day PS1 launched. The WDS can actually provide this win condition without screwing up the persistance of the game. Its brilliant, a win win for everyone. All they had to get right was the scoring system, and right now it seems to be right.
Whats so right about it?

I doubt the final round(s) of the preseason even are going to be the finalized weighted numbers of the formula pertaining to population numbers and they haven't added in the points for Alerts.

They're not done with the balance of it. And just introduce an unbalanced game mechanic like the resource changes coming at some point and now you've got to recalculate the entire way the WDS works. Yea they've got a test server, but they didn't have WDS working on it before going live did they?

Why have a win condition at all?
Way to completely miss the intent of PlanetSide. And I know you've been playing for years and years, Basti. wtf?
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