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Re: [Video]State of the Game - Optimisation, WDS and New Depot Items + PS2 with Newbs

Originally Posted by basti View Post
Way to completly miss the intent of the WDS.

Cont locking was boring. Yes, it was a victory, and yes, we should get it back into PS2, but it was still boring.

People were asking for a proper winning condition since the day PS1 launched. The WDS can actually provide this win condition without screwing up the persistance of the game. Its brilliant, a win win for everyone. All they had to get right was the scoring system, and right now it seems to be right.
Here is the thing though, All I have seen from Malorn lately is more questions about the WDS, when what people desperately want: Resources and continental lattice, which are the things WDS will be there to measure, are not really being reported on as much.

I agree with you, the WDS is a good scoring system that will work quite well... But, it wont work well until the systems it's meant to score, are in place. Until we Get a continental lattice and a resource revamp at least, we have absolutely 0 way to tell whether or not the system will work long term. SOE are building a great system of reducing emissions in a car, and then not putting an engine in it. Yeah, it'll run cleaner and there will be fewer problems for the environment later, but we're still not Getting anywhere until the engine is put in.

I mean honestly even with this whole focus on balance next, what could help SOE more than anything at this point, would be for them to come out and say: "Tomorrow we start work on implementing the resource revamp, and it'll be in, inside of 2 months". If they were to get a firmer stance on the deadlines on these important content patches, people would be less worried about the current slump. As is, even with optimization, there is nothing for people to look towards after that. I know multiple people who have stopped playing, and have said to me: "Yeah, get back to me when they put something in the game, that makes the game more engaging day to day"

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