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Re: Aircraft Garage/Hangars

Originally Posted by HereticusXZ View Post
I like jump pads they make me go fast! More importantly... Aircraft Hangars! yes? yes!
You know, when we made maps back in the day we allways wanted to use lifts instead of jump-pads because we felt jump pads were just lazy and a "easy way out" way of doing things.
Infact, we allways pointed that out when someone used a jump pad where a lift would work just as fine. And in my opinion that goes double when you are creating an "immersive", persistent game world. So yeah, lazy.

As for aircraft hangars, i'm not sure that those will work very well if they are like in the pics here. Too much crash n' burn potential.
Maybe the second floor on tech plants could be utilized for that though. Wall it off properly, maybe even add shields and turn it into a "fly through" repair and ammo pickup for aircrafts.
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