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Originally Posted by Gigabein
So you think surge is fine, you're defensive of HA, and you're NC. I have a sneaking suspicion, that you're a card-carrying member of the HA surgile special interest group.

If he took the time to learn how to do it effectively, good for him. There are very few people who can use surge+agile and have any more chance against me than they would have with out it. The irony of course, I use a lasher, which should make it damn near impossible, but it's not. I practiced, and practiced, and lo and behold, I got better. What an odd concept huh? Infinite surge and warping surge users I have never come across (I suppose the former is quite difficult to spot however).

In the end, jackhammer users realized they were getting owned because they couldn't close ground fast enough to get within optimal range. They discovered a solution, and used it. I don't even use surge in combat and I fully support it in its current form. As long as there are tactics that work there will be people to whine for their abolishment.
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