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Killing BFRs

[Reposted from Planetside forums because you guys are less newbish ]
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SOLO: Infantry against BFR.
Here is a stratagy solo infantry can use to tackle the intimidating BFR.

Required implants: Surge, sensor shield
Required certs, HA OR AV.

Now in your loadout you should have 3-4 decis, a set of jammers, and maybe a anti infantry pistol just incase the driver tries to get out.

Ideal target, BFR's already in combat/busy

Now first off you gotta figure out how to get behind enemy BFR lines pretty much undetected, I find the scout craft the mosquito a very good choice, not only can you incert yourself behind BFR battlelines you can put a few shots into the cockpit of the target BFR on the way in, hopefully damaging sensors.

Ok now you are on the field and your target is infront of you, a few of his buddies surround him and they are in a dead faceoff with another group of BFRS.


I would also note that this is harder to pull off against the VS, because the VS mechs are faster in turning and running speed, but thats why we have surge.

Now enable sensor shield, this is VERY important, the BFR is only going to turn around if the pilot senses a threat from the other direction. This is mainly due to very slow turning speed of the bfrs so they cant stand to turn around too often to check for little guys like you.

Also it is important to scan the area for any potential threat that might not be a BFR, you wont be very successful if you run into a MA/HA toating grunt under one of the BFRs. When the opertunity arises flip surge on and run as fast as you can to the enemy bfr. Now, you wont appear on radar, so the BFR wont know your there, and if the BFR is busy shooting, chances are he isnt in 3rd person.

Now to go to town. There are 2 ways of really doing this. 1) Empty a deci in his shield gen, then toss a jammer OR

Toss a jammer then go to town.

Tossing a jammer will pretty much get the pilot scared and he will know you are there but, his turning speed and movement speed are serously hurt. So i would definatly toss a jammer (leave sensor shield on till he sees you, this way he might think its an enemy further away than in reality if he spots you turn it off to save stamina). Now pull out your first deci and go to town on either his leg (to hopefully hurt turning speed and running speed even more) or his shield generator OR if you are good enough, go to town on his undercarrage where all his ammo is stored. If you take out all his ammo, he will be completely helpless as you take care of the rest of him. After you finish off each deci, remember to toss another jammer nade to keep him slowed. While doing this make sure the back of the BFR is always infront of you, dont let him have any easy shots. If you take out all his ammo, he is going to try to run, and once you have unloaded your second deci in him, chances are he is going to try to run, so make sure you jammer him again if he tries and keep pummeling him.

With any luck friendlys around the area will see the damaged/scared BFR and aid you in taking it out faster. If you have ADV target and the enemy BFR's HP is low plus it is getting hit by friendly bfrs, you probably should wait till you can get the kill. Because after all you deserve it!

IF the driver gets out, he will have his back facing to you with no weapons pulled out, right away pull out your AI weapon and go to town on him. With a few quick shots you can probably eliminate him entirely, and if its a solo BFR and you have ADV hacking, its a perfect opertunity to nab an enemy bfr, assuming you hadnt taken all the ammo out first =).

IF the bfr successfly enables run mode, FOLLOW it, surging agile is actually faster than running BFR, especially a running crippled BFR, get infront of it (not so you can get stepped on) and unleash another jammer to slow it, or if your out continue deci'ng it. If you know that the pilot is trying to get away for a field repair, you can enable sensor shield again so the BFR pilot thinks he got away and gets out to repair while you are waiting with your weapon of choice to kill him and steal his BFR after he gets out =).

Note: One neat trick is to leave your inventory screen open with your mouse over the next item in the list. Hit 'hide mouse' to hide the mouse and when you run out of deci, hit 'hide mouse', and right click the deci and go to town a bit faster.

Moral of this story:
Sensor Shield > BFR.

I have attemted this stratagy 7 times in varying situations, a few times the enemy bfr got away, once the enemy BFR managed to kill me, and the others either the pilot hopped out or I killed the BFR. Doing this with a buddy can really increase your odds of success.


The fireteam method will be far more successful than the solo method.


All 3 participants should be certed in air calv or mossie, for quick insertion.

1 person should be certed in AV hereafter donoted as [AV]
1 person should be certed in SA [SA]
1 person should be certed in HA [HA]

All participants should have surge and sensor-shield

Insertion, and targetting is very similar to the solo method, scout out a solo or isolated BFR and ditch your mossies. One difference is that if the enemy BFR isnt an AA BFR the [HA] should remain in the mossie and distract it, while NOT taking out any critical components. The other two are to turn on sensor-sheild and surge and get behind the BFR.

When both people are nearby [SA] will begin unloading Jammer nades every 8 seconds (EMP effects last 10 seconds, 8 seconds allows a comfortable room for error). The [SA]'s job is to A) keep the attention away from [AV] and [HA] and B) keep the BFR pinned.

The [HA]'s primary job is to kill the pilot if he decides to get out, his weapon should be loaded with AV rounds until you see the BFR begin to unload the pilot, that is when you swith to soft ammo (VS can disregard this part) and go to town on the pilot. WIth the pilot dead you may now hack the BFR as your prize. If the pilot does not get out the [HA] is to target torso components (ammo bins, shields, and sensors) to try to cause panic to the pilot and to bring about the BFRs death sooner. [HA] takes over the [SA]'s job of jamming the BFR if the BFR manages to kill [SA].

The [AV]s primary role is simple, as SOON as he gets to the BFR he is to launch deci after deci into the BFR's legs hopefully damaging them to slow the enemy BFR down even more, the [AV] guys role is the most important, the group can stand to sacrifice the [HA] and [SA], ([SA] being the least important)

And there you have it, the fireteam version of how to take on a BFR.

Additional Notes:
Go ahead and comment on these strats, I really dont want to see any complaining in this thread about overpowered jammers or overpowered BFRs, just strats on how to defeat them and how well it worked, or didnt work for you.

Note, 4 decis does 4800 points of damage.
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