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1207-2011 - Coincidence or hidden easter egg?

Hey gang.
For starters - Im Tigue, former PS1 player (still jump on occasionally), who has been lurking about your site for a great number of years, just keeping quietly to myself and enjoying the consistent updates you guys provide - especially with the announcement of PS2.

I had no intention of making myself all too known but then this morning I stumbled on this little "gem" while I was looking back over the PS2 announcement pictures that you guys have in the gallery and thought I should share something I noticed...

If you look at any of the announcement pictures (any of those which show the TR troops) you'll see on the side of the rifle it has 1207-2011. Im curious everyones thoughts on the matter. Is this just a coincidence, or could that be a hidden date? 12/07/2011 ?? doesnt seem too far fetched to consider that it may be something significant, since it IS an announcement picture, and 12/07 I dont think would be all to far off from a potential release date that seems realisticly in line with all the news we've been seeing.

Just wondered everyone elses thoughts - now ill creep back into my dark corner and continue to watch from the shadows!

- Tigue

** Edit**
I grabbed the best of the 3 images and cropped out the portion Im talking about, take a look for yourselves!

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