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Re: Facility Benefits, Function, and Importance

#1 Factory
I like this idea. Perhaps expand to have two dual air-terminals in different areas of the base along with two vehicle spawn pads.
The factory could have the benefit of repairs take 10-15% shorter and require less nanites to repair the vehicle, but only if someone is repairing.

#2 Bio Lab
If it follows along the same lines as PS1 the Bio Lab can be taken out with a simple Galaxy drop and blowing the generators. You lose both spawn points and you lose that benefit. Now if the generator room was located around or near a spawn tube area, this would probably solve this issue. I think the rest of the Bio Lab ideas are solid.

#3 AMP station
Perhaps the influenece it draws upon would be resource controlled? The AMP station has a resource gathering "silo" that draws nanite energy from nearby resource nodes along with infiltrating any enemy held territory that is "attached" to the node. This could make taking an AMP station a priority.

#4 Refinery
This is a great idea. I would almost approach this as having the same number of air and ground vehicle terminals. Also this or the Factory is the only place you can spawn larger assets, such as a Galaxy or a Lodestar (If it's in the game).

Also this could have a larger courtyard to rally up tank and ground assets in one location for easier coordination within squad/platoons. Or you can swap this with the Factory.

#5 Interlink (Command & Control)
This facility should have a C&C room strictly for the continent commander. Here the commander should have access to all the teams on continent, a rough idea of the enemy force on continent along with the reduced timers you suggested Malorn.

#6 Unnamed Base
This should be a benefit an outfit/alliance trains for. Not as a support for the empire. This would encourage people to stay within their outfit if they know that a certification be learned 10% to 15% faster than other outfits. Looking at it from a real world perspective, you can have all the book smarts in the world, but nothing counts toward learning more than having a skilled instructor in your discipline. In EvE learning was an individual skill, but I think you could apply it to an outfit benefit. So an individual could "learn" at a +10% accelerated rate, but the outfit benefit just added another +10% to the soldiers learning curve, making that soldier +20% faster than another soldier outside the outfit. These numbers were made up on-the-fly and can be tweaked a bit, perhaps a 5% cap on the individual and another 5% cap for the outfit. The numbers can be fixed after discussing more, but you get the general idea.

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