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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

Originally Posted by MasterChief096 View Post
2) Exactly. A BR20 player is more powerful and versatile than a BR1. He doesn't need an extra 20% to widen the gap. So therefore I don't even see how you can begin to argue you still need a 20% power advancement for vets.
Well, I suppose, there's just one perspective everyone's missing...

How about while you're a newbie, you don't just DO EVERYTHING. You decide what suits you best, and at what you can do better, you improve.

And while you're a vet, you've chosen your style. And you want it to pay off.

Don't forget that their ultimate purpose is to create a game, based MORE on teamwork, than on uber-soldiering.
That means that they somehow have to "benefit" a player's choice. To some degree even force it. That's when "power difference" comes handy. You can give this difference, but on certain conditions. Like: "If you want to be cool with ****, you have to train a skill for it. But with a skill for ****, you'll have to temporarily forget about learning *** and ***** skills."
So you can gradually increase your overall strength, or drag yourself into learning something separate, in shorter period of time.

That's the way see it.

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