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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

Originally Posted by Furret View Post
Malorn, are you using a different font than everyone else? I cant seem to read what you're writing, it may be too small.

So has anyone thought about using certification points for these weapon upgrades?

Lets say I'm a jackhammer whore, through and through, and all I do is drive on my ATV to the fight and unload on the enemy.

ATV + REXO + Med Assault + Heavy Assault is only 10 certs, I have that many at BR5.

What if this player were to spend a cert point on an extra barrel for his jackhammer, and then perhaps two for an enhanced chamber system for higher bullet penetration.

If you meet him in a tower, you'll be in trouble, but that's the limit of his power.

Power Differentiation could be determined by how many certs you dump into that role, or whatever this class system bullshit is about (For the record, I'm against it and I much prefer the PS1 certification system).

This way a veteran would have potentially more weapon upgrades, but a new soldier could still cert a couple of upgrades.

And if anyone complains that it might take too long to get enough certs to be effective, you can get to BR 5 practically just doing the training missions, driving all the vehicles, and picking up all the guns.

These cert costs could be balanced out, but it could work.
@Raymac - I've been spouting that for awhile now. I didn't argue that a BR20 was not more "naturally" powerful than a BR1. We haven't established your "proposal".

@NewSith If I specialize in something, my reward for specializing in it should be that I know what I'm doing and I'm better than a noob at it because I've actually played the game longer, not because I specialized and unlocked some skill that makes me more powerful.

@Furret This would work except the issue is that the barrel for the jackhammer (as you mentioned) would only be available to a BR20 vet since its unlocked further down the skill tree that required BR20 to start training. So a newb would not be able to cert the same barrel. I'm all with you, PS1 cert system ftw.
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