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This thread is getting stupid now, CE is an automated defensive tool.. The player doesn't actively have to do anything for it to be effective. The fact is you can lay a ton of it and go about your merry business, grab a reaver.. Spam anyone trying to EMP your CE... etc.

So in effect the EMP isn't a hard counter to a players class or play style, it's simply giving a commander the chance to level the playing field every twenty minutes.

Sure, it takes 1-2 minutes to relay CE.. But trust me, if PS2 does things right the opposition will run out of EMP's a lot quicker than you will run out of CE spam. Without EMP's gal drops would be a lot harder, taking a base equally so, making gameplay even more stale and less dynamic. Is that really the game you guys want to end up playing? Really glad you guys arnt calling this shots on stuff like this.
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