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Originally Posted by Tuomio View Post
If defender is good and dynamic enough, its rightful that the attack is delayed or rendered unsuccessful even against odds.
And you are suggesting that you cant do this at the moment in PS1? I'm going to interject that either you don't play PS1, you're not very good at it or are wanting CE to do EVERYTHING for you. Whats to stop you laying your CE and then patrolling the base in a MBT and killing any squishies that come close? dont have a mate? just get a in a god damn reaver and rocket spam them into submission. From the sounds of things you want to lay your CE, sit on a rampart and watch it mow down the opposition.

Originally Posted by Tuomio View Post
It was not that the defender had static tools in his disposal, its YOU who acted like quake-bot and never got clever enough to get past his simple, "automated and static" nuisances.
What the hell is a quake bot? They were clever enough to bring a CUD and to either have:

a) pushed you back far enough as to gain access to the area needed to blow the EMP, in PS1 this is no easy feat in a properly defended base
b) Organised transport/gal drop to gain access to said region

What have you done? run around for 2 minutes and dropped a load of mines.

Originally Posted by Tuomio View Post
OS is for quake bots, they are so scripted that tool is needed to remove "wall" that causes him to get stuck repeatedly.
I don't know if its just the blind hatred of the OS or if you really are too stupid to grasp this, the OS should not be an individual move for a player to use at his leisure to remove the 'wall' as you put it. Commanders. People who spend all their time organizing their outfits, their empire, picking targets directing the flow of battle should be the only people who have access to the ability. That is the plan in PS2. When you think of an OS in this context then it is balanced, every 2 and a half hours the commander can make the tactical decision to remove an obstacle on the battle field. These decisions WONT be taken lightly, because they have the ability to turn the tide of battle. This makes the battle field more dynamic, it gives an empire the opportunity to use the ability to change the battle. THAT is dynamic, the definition of the word.

PS1 is broken, there are too many CR5's. We know this, THAT is the problem. Not the actual move itself. I have two CR5's i have played this game since beta, i was one of the first 10 CR5's on the Konried server and because of that i can remember how the game was when there were 4-5 CR5's per faction on a server. It really worked, you saw an OS.. And you realized that was a pivotal moment. it was either going to really help your empire or fail, and you would give the CR5 stick for wasting it if it did. You seem stuck in the idea that play in PS2 should be balanced around an individual one to one encounter, the game never has been and never will be. Its a much more complicated game of rock paper scissors with many participants.

Originally Posted by Tuomio View Post
Tool that perfectly removes vast array of other tools from the table reduces dynamics and creates static confrontations.
In PS1 OS's only have the effect of making battles static because both sides each have a huge amount of them, you put an AMS in a CY.. it gets OSed over and over, you roll armor to defend a base.. vehicle term gets OS'ed over and over. The only thing deciding a battle ends up being numbers and the three way factor. What happens when you reduce the number of OS's around? They can become the spear head of attack/defence which can decide a battle ADDING to the dynamic nature of the game.

If you have a good commander with you attacking a base and the opposition doesn't a telling OS might clear the CY/turrents/mines for armor to roll in, and then you can park up your gal/AMS and enjoy your stay. Likewise if your commander is defending an important base he can repel an attack with a telling OS. How is this not dynamic? It adds another variable into the possible outcome of the battle.. THAT is the definition of dynamic.

Originally Posted by Tuomio View Post
Head-on collisions at backdoor or towers can entertain kids and domestic pets, but so can flushing down a roll of toilet paper. Why use 5 years of development time to create effect which could be solved with a cheap roll of paper?
Stop talking garbage, try using logic and reason to validate your points not puerile nonsense.
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