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Re: Why I quit PS1

Originally Posted by Snipefrag View Post
This thread is getting stupid now, CE is an automated defensive tool..
No it's not an "automated defensive tool", it has to be babysat to work properly.

It sure beats the CUD I-win buttons. And I'm not paying $15 a month to play Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Originally Posted by Rodel View Post
Things you could have done-
Tank + engineer.
Too many trees

Your own orbital strike.

Bomb my own CE?

A friend

What about them, they wouldn't have made a difference, the point is to completly remove the OS from the game, not attempt to counter it like some lameass retard.

not concentrating all your engineering together
Hey I have an idea, how about not concentrating on your I-win CUD abilities altogether.

It was a very good deployment of resources but your acting like engineering is a win button.
At least it was something different other than the typical run around like a 5 year old retard.

Hey wanna know why there are only like 20 guys playing PS1 right now? Cause what you guys like, sucks for everyone else. Everyone else left a long time ago; all the normal people that is.

CUD abilities is something a retard would come up with for a single player game.

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