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Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
seen from a game design perspective, the emp is way too overpowered.

It doesn't require you to specialize so you can't do other functions.
It's not like getting into an AA max so you are great against air, but suck against anything else.

That's one very negative about it.

20 min reuse timer on something that clears out huge defensive areas?
So you can use one on each single assault you do. It can easily take 20 mins to take a base if you stay and clean up.

That's a second very negative

No counter

That's a third very negative.

I'm sorry, whatever arguments you try, from a game design perspective, this is just bad. And this is not even taking into account that everyone and their dog has access to this now.
Except CE is incredibly overpowered in it's own way. Most people just spam CE and think they're being useful. When generally they're making it only moderately annoying as opposed to nigh impossible to pass without and EMP.

Especially now when everyone has CE. 1 emp every 20 minutes? I can relay all that CE in 3-5 minutes. Congratz that EMP was worthless. Nevermind CE only blows up mines. It doesn't destroy spitfire turrets.

Nevermind that with properly placed spitfire turrets, the guy who's trying to EMP bailing from an aircraft will die before he hits the ground.

Try to break a well prepared base hold/defense without a EMP, it's almost impossible, especially if pops are even/base is an interlink.

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