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Re: Lets talk about the resource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

Originally Posted by basti View Post

As for the Alpha squad boost, i suggest it becomes a 100% XP boost with no ressource boost. Most of the Alpha squad boosts are running out in 2 months or so anyway.

Whatya think?
I'd just let Alpha Squad run its course, since most will run out in 1-2 months as you say. It's one thing less to deal with to be honest.

Anyway to the rest of your post:

I don't think it's like that boosts will disappear, no matter what we think. Don't misunderstand me. I do agree with some of what you say but of course boosts are likely here to stay for some time.

They could become simply cert-based purchases or resource-based purchases, which would add some kind of strategy, for instance deciding on what a player/squad/outfit needs to achieve a goal etc (bad example I know, couldn't think of a better one). Beta Implants back in the day, did require auraxium and other resources to purchase so it's not entirely a far-fetched suggestion. However of course, you could run into the old 'rich get richer, poor get poorer' scenario as indeed what happened in early beta. And with subs this would make little difference on its own.

Making xp only-boosts available by SC/certs is a possibility, particularly as non-paying players would have a chance to accumulate certs and buy something to ease their circumstances. Would make earning certs a little more 'worth-it' and perhaps encourage objective play, who knows?

I'm just throwing out suggestions and ideas but really I don't know. Thing is this recent resource tweaking isn't the final product, for the revamp is due to happen at the end of July/beginning of august and even then we don't know if most aspects will be finalised or what it will entail.

One option is revamping the subscriptions but do you see that happening any time soon?

You mention Basti about taking a bonus away but givings subs 'something nice in return'. What exactly do you have in mind? I'm intrigued to know.

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