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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

Originally Posted by basti View Post
We revert back to useless ressources by making stuff cheap again.
Whatya think?
I think the use of the term WE is excessively presumptuous.

Do you (or any of us) have the ability to make such a change? or even influence such a change? (not trying to be a dick, just stating facts)

SOE doesn't go F2P do this out of the kindness of their hearts. F2P is just that, you can play for free. It says nothing about being on a level playing field with players who use microtransactions or subscribe. Hell yes it's pay to win, no matter what lies SOE wasnts to spew. There is no F2P game that isnt P2W. The ONLY exception is if there are no player based forms of revenue. i.e. you can't get anything for real cash.

P2W simply varies by degrees in different games.

I do find it amazing that after release there are such major modifications to the game on an all to regular basis that change the gameplay completely. It's a completely different game from the end of Beta. And much more closely resembling the game they described before Alpha, but completely changed at Gold release. Now they're reverting back to the Alpha description, lattice, resources mean something, stalker cloak, etc, etc. Sounds like they're running an extended Beta that many people are subscribing to and paying micro-trans. Player funded Beta.
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