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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

It's a game. It does occur in the "real world". The real World revolves around the all mighty dollar. And yes, PS2 is very much borderline P2W. However, I see it more as P2D. You can die in Maxes & vehicles more often. Big whoop.

Come up with an answer to how Sony can have a good game, but still be able to SELL enough "stuff" (perks/benefts) to generate the necessary money to make it worth their while.


C'mon ..... IT IS NOT FREE TO CREATE OR SUPPORT THIS GAME. They have a need & a right to generate revenue.

F2p can do EVERYTHING a Sub-Player can do. As currently constructed, they can't pull vehicles (or Maxes) quite as frequently as those who pay ? Well, boo hoo hoo hooo hoo.

I see a game-changing benefit hidden in the changes. They may be intentionally pushing the game more to Infantry-Driven warfare. THAT could well do wonders for the infamous "Metagame" debate. I have to see how the game plays the next few weeks. I don't know the number of Paying Subs vs 100% F2P players.

I've heard & read page after page of complaints of how it's too damn easy to spam from one vehicle class to the next. Well, that will slow down to some extent .... FOR EVERYONE. The Premium Sub crowd will pull more often than the F2P guy, but they too will see a decrease in how often they can pull Max, Air, or land vehicles.

It's fair. It's reality. If it bothers you, PAY. You can't have everything you want in life. Want more ? Pay for it, or work harder in-game to get it. It's fair.

People may either be too frugal with their money, flat-out cheap, or truly can't afford to pay an extra $10-to-$20 per month.

Those that PAY ..... "EARN" SOMETHING FOR THIER MONEY. Not only is it the way the World works. It's the way this game survives. They're willing to pay for some perks or benefits. If you're NOT .... you have no right to cry.

Pull your head out people. PS2 is not a philanthropic undertaking. This is a game - not Welfare.

.... to imply Premium Subs affects the Metagame is ludicrous.

I don't think they're worth the money. The Preferential treatment to get onto Continents is nice. Other than that, they don't give enough benefits to make it worth my money. I can afford to pay a Premium Sub. When mine runs out - I will NOT renew it .... unless they IMPROVE the benefits it gives. I prefer to play infantry anyway.

Sony has to consider how many people will PAY for any level of Subscription. They have no alternative but to give the customers enough to keep new Subs coming online ..... while also retaining as many paying Sub customers as they can.

Cut Sub Benefits ? You are severing the hand that feeds the masses their F2P game.

Classic Catch-22. Money talks. Bullshit walks.

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