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Re: Double SC on Black friday

Planetside 2 is really the only one of its kind, modern mmofps with large scale persistent combat. The closest competition to PS2 would be Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade. It's still at least a year from release and gameplay type is still unknown atm, other that it is also large scale, open-world, albeit in 3rd person.

And to SOE's credit, it is really the only major studio that's acting like an indie with non-generic approach to mmo games.

I just wish the PS2 Devs play the game and understand where the players are coming from. As it is, they removed the resource meta altogether (which used to drive the fights). They won't remedy redeployside (they won't even acknowledge it as a downside). The farming brought upon by the Directives system negates the Alert system (A dozen tanks outside the base and ignore the capture point; or let the enemy take bases because there's a Biolab, Tower farm). They've already taken out the popular and exciting global facility alerts (again for no good reason at all). (My last thread about PS2's flawed Battleflow:

And they are supposed to release this to PS4 soon? They are treating battleflow with callous, half-regard. How are these new players ever going to ever stay? These new players will be wondering, where did everyone go' with players redeploying all over the place. Or 'what's this Alert system, that players are ignoring so they can farm'?

Lastly, is Star Citizen even an MMO? How many players are allowed per server? If it's around 100, then what mold did it break? They should try Planetside 2's extraordinary scale, then they can say, it changed the status quo. Just because it is popular, doesnt' mean it is automatically great.

My fave mmo of all time also had large-scale PvP. I compare PS2 to it and find it is still incomplete with the basic gameplay.

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