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Originally Posted by ringring View Post
I Reckon the devs do play the game a lot. Higby seems to play the heck out of it.

I think the problem is not that they don't understand various viewpoints but they either don't necessarily agree or can't actually do what is wanted or maybe before they are able to do 'that' first they need to do 'this'.
They fix things that aren't broken, and end up breaking it themselves. I made a long list of things of that for 2014 in one of my threads. And they've been doing it since launch (2012-2013).

I even left out the resource revamp because Resource 2.0 apparently require

Phase 1: Removal of player agency/influence in resource generation (Resource 1.0)

Ok. They said, they would need a modified Sunderer to transport resources from base to base (something to that effect 'like PS1'). But

Phase 2: Nevermind/Cancelled/Delayed/NoNews

Some effects of the new system of Flat Resource + Directives:

- A dozen tanks/vehicle/aircraft drivers/pilots refusing to go to the point leaving the push/attack in permanent limbo/logjam (can't retreat/can't proceed).
- Platoons getting ghostcapped from behind and they don't care because of the 'farm' and waste of leaving behind vehicles.
- Players telling other players not to blow up attacker sunderer because the 'farm is good'.
- Players chastising players for blowing up Sunderers and 'ruining the "fight" (nee farm)'
- Giving up bases even it can be defended so they can farm in a Biolab/Tower.
- Ignoring alerts objectives to continue farming.

Couple that with Redeployside, the battleflow is a mess with no coherent logic in where to proceed but to just jump around and around to find a good fight, only to do it again after that fight ends. In short, the flow is now driven by the farm. All these bases, lattice and infrastructure is secondary at best.

It's not possible to play the game and not see these problems. And the resource revamp is just one example. And they are releasing PS2 in PS4 in this state?

They either:
- Play game and see the problems.
- or Not play the game and not see the problem (instead relying on graphs/maps/metrics/videos/reddit/imagination) to divine gameplay.

It's not possible to play the game and not see the problems as I've argued in this thread:
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