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Re: Double SC on Black friday

Supposed, IF they do actually play their own game (which I highly doubt at the utmost):

- then they don't understand how to play it.


- they don't know how to enjoy it.

Just today, VS Emerald at Esamir was jumping all over the place in zerg clumps trying to steal either, Eisa Tech, Ymir Biolab or NS Science from NC.

As standard Vanu practice, they wait for NC/TR to go full on at each other. Then they mass redeploy to an undefended base.

They eventually managed to get Ymir with 67% population only because NC was tied up NE by TR trying to do their warpgate-NC-for-the-lulz-ninja moves.

There's not even a basic flow on where to go, which is akin to watching/switching movies every two minutes. Early last year, it used to be the basic Resource system + 95%(?) continent lock/unlock drives the flow. Then they lowered the cap/uncap threshhold.

A year later, they raised it back, BUT they removed the resource system It's like they don't even know what mechanic synergizes with another.

A two-year old can "play" chess by picking up any piece whatsoever and putting it down.

It doesn't mean they understand it nor they enjoy it.

- Bring back the old or new resource mechanics


- remedy Redeployside. Give redeploy a cost and timer to use depending on the distance.

They will release this game to a generation of console players used to specific game pathways. This is open-ended and open-world. Imagine the utter confusion while they try to navigate on what to do.
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