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Re: Any reason to think SOE being sold is going to help us?

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
I honestly have no clue, I was more curious on the lines of PS1. I was wondering if getting our hands on the source code may have become any easier.

After all this time I'd imagine it was SOE just being dicks about it.

Usually these buyouts are more about the money and less about the quality of game.
At this point I think they might be more concerned about IP issues with PS1 source being effectively open. It couldn't hurt to try to negotiate or get people talking about it. I wonder if those decisions were made effectively 'above' SOE and not by SOE/Daybreak themselves? I remember Smed citing code security somewhere?

As far as other SOE/Daybreak games goes, my one paranoia is that this venture capitalist firm will try to turn them around by basically forcing P2W style games even more than what SOE has done in PS2. It isn't unheard of nor is it out of the question that the creative direction will be forced on them.

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