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Originally Posted by Effective View Post
The OS is a 6 hour timer, it takes 1 minute to replace anything it killed.
Irrelevant. I-win buttons have no place in a FPS game.

It takes time to get massed flails setup, on top of also requiring a cavelock/mod to even pull them. Then of course you actually have to have enemies already pushed into the CY for them to be any real use. If the base your pushing already has vehicles out, even if you flail the courtyard out, you still won't push in easily, on top of the fact you're missing however many people you have manning the flails.

Btw, flails are more of an i win button then an OS.
Wrong, flails are not an I-win button, it takes foresight, planning, cooperation to use them and they can be easily countered if there wasn't a warp bubble they could run to which is why they should be immobile setups in PS2.
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