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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

My thoughts:

1. Asymmetric Balance is fine. While it might be a disappointment to some VS players, I don't think the Magrider NEEDS the option, and I could see it causing balance problems to implement on top of the extra animation/modeling effort. While balance could be resolved, it isn't necessary to go through those steps in my opinion. (Side note: I currently intend to play VS, so I'm not just saying this to limit a faction I don't like.)

2. One way of helping balance the Cert is to potentially reduce the resource cost (counter-intuitive though this suggestion is) of spawning the vehicle slightly. In this case, Manpower would be additional limiting factor to make up for that cost decrease and make it an attractive option. For example, a 15-20% cost decrease. EDIT: That may be too much of a discount of course, I fully expect it would be played with, and in the long term it's not perhaps needed, but it's the best way to make it a more attractive option in the short term.

3. I agree that the stats of the vehicle should not be changed from 2-3 crew variants.

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