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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

The issue with giving a 360 degree turret is that it would make it significantly better than the driver=gunner version of the tank. A hover tank with a rotatable gun means the main gunner has an advantage over a fixed gun variant for being able to move the gun quickly (since the main gun moves with the tank).

Maybe it wouldn't be a huge deal. Hard to tell without testing it out.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
That's the problem, you don't think things through that are obvious.

Yeaaaah. Imagine you'd have to work harder as a solist to compete with MBTs that are properly driven and give up individual power for group power.
I suggest you check your butthurt at the door, friend. I'm here to help brainstorm to make the idea work; something I don't even plan to use. You we're wrong in the other thread and your posts here are no less incoherent or immature.

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